*** 2019 – How to shift any experience successfully ***

**** 2019 – How to shift any experience successfully ****

Welcome to 2019, friends!!!!

We are here – we are doing it – we made it to the other side!!!! *Yaaaaay*

Last year was the year that manifestation and shifting our experience was the easiest – and if you are ready – and know how to – it gets easier and easier and faster and faster.


This is the Mantra that came to me during the festival.

There is just no way of missing a divine appointment. We all have our wake up time programmed into our soul. And we see it more and more around us.

People who we never thought they would ever “get it” starting to wake up around us. We who are already awake notice an increasing speed of our manifestation powers. Topics that were conspiracy theory a few years ago are kinda common knowledge these days. Studies about psychedelics that help us wake up and rewire our brain are to be found in mainstream newspapers.


My heart is exploding with all the love and the joy that comes from a deep satisfaction, a deep contentment and a deep inner knowing that I am truly truly in love with myself and with love itself.

Even though my relationship to earth started very wonky it unfolded into something I never ever thought possible even 4 years ago.

Even though I am still sometimes upset with myself, with life, with other people, with circumstances – I feel more and more that life is always on my side. It sends me constant blessings, either in form of nurturing elements or in the form of teachings and teachers that I need to grow on my path towards unconditional love, inner peace and happiness.

One of my teachers always said: We need to feel it to heal it.

So when stuff comes up these days I don´t take it as something bad or an error in the system like “Oh this should not happen. I want it to be different” but as an invitation to surrender, to look at the learning opportunity that comes with it and as a gateway to greater liberation and freedom.

One of the themes I am working on in the last weeks is the theme of judgment. My own inner judgment towards myself and others and the judgment that I am facing from my outside reflections in form of other people.

The stage of transformation where you see your own shit clearly but yet feel unable to change it is the hardest part of working with anything you desire to change.

For me it almost always comes up during dance. No one from outside would notice it because I seem very liberated in my dance. My body loves to dance and it often feels like doing energy work on a group level. I feel I channel positive energy through my movement.

But in my head there was often a habitual stream of thoughts like “Is this too sexy?”, “Is this not sexy enough?”, “Why is he looking at me in that way – am I looking weird?” and so on and so forth.

On this festival I felt like this massive weight was lifted off me. I was not only looking liberated in my movement from the outside but I was actually FEELING liberated – completely liberated – from any thoughts from the second day on.

I was basically dancing with my judgment, acknowledging it, seeing how much it was helping me in the part to stay safe, to stay alert, to scan my surrounding for danger and thread from outside.

And I had help from an amazing contact dancer who was able to completely flow with my movement and hold me in whatever weird position my body floated into. He stabilized my outside and at the same time he helped me stabilizing my inside. I never saw him again on the festival but I will never forget this dance – ever.

The same happened to me when the lover of my partner reached out to me and opened up in sisterhood around her jealousy issues. I am definitely not completely free of it yet but there was a weight lifted off me since this event and things became a lot easier to handle in this realm.

Our desire for transformation, growth and change is pointing us into the direction of healing and liberation. We would not desire to change if change would not be possible for us!

We desire to change because we KNOW deep down that this change is bringing us closer to our true essence – closer to that what we truly are when we liberate ourselves from the conditioning that living in our society brings with it.

Feeling that what we desire to change – fully.

Sitting in the fire of our open and burning heart instead of closing it and pushing it back down when it comes up to actually be felt and transformed.

Choosing over and over again the path that we WANT to go instead of the path that we are used to wander on.

And suddenly realizing that things have shifted inside when we are confronted with a situation where before we would have been triggered by.

Allow yourself to be surprised by how fast transformation can become a lived reality!

SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE – when we continue to walk the path of our hearts. The path of our passion. The path of growth – with confidence, compassion and curiosity.

Have a blessed new year and thank you so much for choosing this reality with me!

It is happening – the world is awakening – we are here – we are doing it!


What about you?!

What is your Mantra for 2019?

What is your experience with shifting your experience?

Do you feel the increase in success?

Or do you need more experience/willingness/trust to get the ball rolling?

Share it with us in the comments below

Much love to your success in 2019 and beyond!




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