1st Week @ Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

1st week @ Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Oh my – I keep it sweet and simple with just a few pullet points today…

The speed of things happening in terms of inner development and upleveling was already crazy before I came here – but the lake kills it all and sets completely new standards in terms of … just everything…

In one week I…

attended 2 cacao ceremonies at the REAL school of witchcraft and wizardry – forget harry potter and come to Keith’s Cacao actually he is the reason that I wanted to come to the lake because I wanted to visit the cacao trees we got our cacao for our cacao ceremonies from…

… had the honor to receive one of the most intense healing and releasing sessions in my life by Mr. Cacao shaman himself: Keith Wilson – if you are an Empath and have the chance to make it to the lake stopping by here is a MUST!

… had the honor to give 5 healing and releasing sessions myself and coined the term “Body and Soul DeArmouring” for the energy/bodywork sessions I give

arranged to give 2 classes every week in my most desired spot to hold classes: Eagle’s Retreats – starting on Friday this week

attended two drum circles and felt entirely confident to pick up any drum to blend in a wonderful 20-30 people circle

shared my most sensual temple dance with closed eyes the entire time at the second drum circle and felt completely safe to do so

wrote my first piece of real life Tantric Erotica and really got into doing that – so watch out for more as opportunities to write about such stuff arise

met a bunch of the worlds craziest people and made at least 2 – maybe even more – friends for life amongst them

started the third phase of my coaching certification and found my first two “real” clients for my men´s course – looking forward to have a blast and assist to seriously change the lifes of these men

woke up with the most amazing view EVER right out of my bedroom window – every single morning here @ Casa Real

… successfully overcame my resistance to record my first guided pleasure practice which will be available for download soon and teach how to access ecstatic energies through activating energy portals in the body, breath, sound and movement

… last but not least shared my love and my light in form of cooking, hugging, listening, sharing and just doing whatever I do wherever I go with as many people as possible…

Thank you everybody who is involved in making my time here so so special!

I am open to whatever this place has in store for me for the next 4 months of deep dive into this magical place!

The new world is here – everywhere – at the lake you just realize it a bit easier…

I love you And I hope you always keep in mind that YOU are the creator of your life!

Be scared – and do it anyway



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