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Curious about Tantra? …

As someone interested in personal development and spiritual growth you most likely have come across the word Tantra many times.

It´s this new spiritual buzzword that speaks about sex as a gateway to personal and spiritual fulfillment.

Maybe you have wondered if it is something you should try out with your partner. If it is something that could help your relationship blossom. Something that brings some fresh air into the bedroom and helps you connect in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

And let me tell you from my personal experience: It absolutely can! 

No matter if you are a freshly baked couple or a seasoned team – Tantra is THE THING if you desire more passion, pleasure and ecstasy in your sexuality!

But it goes way beyond that!

It helps you as well with your communication issues, your trust issues, your jealousy issues, your power struggles and anything else that holds you back from fully experiencing the fulfillment you so deeply desire!

And guess what: Even if you currently do not have a partner – Tantra can be something for you!

… But no idea where to start?!

There are many myths and misconceptions out there around Tantra.

Maybe you have wondered if there´s really something to it or if it´s only the next best thing that got hyped. Maybe you have wondered if it´s just about lighting some incense and playing some mantras in the background while making love.

A lot of what you have read sounds quite nice but the practical advice is often either missing completely or very abstract, confusing and hard to follow along.

The only other option would be to participate in a workshop where you have to share your intimate moments in a room full of other people. But actually you would much prefer to learn Tantra in the safety and comfort of your own home without other people watching…

I hear you and I got you covered!

What if you could have your personal Tantra teacher right there with you in the bedroom? Giving you clear and detailed instructions and guiding you every step of the way.

What if you would be able to follow a proven and easy step by step process that covers all you need to know to truly make a difference in your sexuality and your love life?

What if you could learn the deepest, most effective and connective tools and techniques out there in the comfort of your own home?

  • No need to look at any written instructions in the middle of the exercise.
  • No need to share your intimate moments with strangers.
  • Not even the need to be seen in your raw and wild pleasure by your teacher.
  • No need to leave the house at all

All you gotta do is to show up with an open mind, a curious heart and the willingness to go deep!

Sounds good?!

Yes – tell me more!

A happy couple is made of two happy individuals!

A healthy relationship starts inside each individual partner.

No matter if you are currently in a relationship or desire one that does not end in a disaster like last time. In both cases it is inevitable that you look at the things that you have stuffed into the shadows of your subconscious and that tend to fuck up your love life.

If we truly want to end the war between the sexes we have to end the war within ourselves.

There are many reasons to practice Tantra by yourself.

Maybe you are currently single or your partner is not really up for it or you feel a strong desire to do something for yourself that brings you closer to how you wanna show up in the world, in bed and in a partnership.

As a woman you might desire to:

  • Feel more radiant, joyful and sexy
  • Embrace your sexuality as a vital part of your spiritual path
  • Bring healing to certain aspects of your sexuality
  • Learn to consciously work with your sexual energy
  • Unleash your wild femininity
  • Fully come home to your body

As a man you might desire to:

  • Gain more control over your sexuality
  • Become more appealing to potential partners
  • Build a deeper connection to your body and your penis
  • Stop feeling like you are controlled by your needs
  • Last as long as you want
  • Learn how to trust yourself and the women out there

Even when you practice Tantra with your partner it is still important to maintain your own individual Tantric practice – just as much as it is important to maintain individual hobbies and friends!

Think of it as your personal sexual self-care that you do for yourself to feel vibrant, strong, sexy and alive. Only when you feel these qualities on the inside you can share them with a partner.

Otherwise you end up in sexual co-dependence where you expect your partner to be responsible for your sexual fulfillment instead of bringing your inner spark to share. And this will over time deteriorate the relationship and the sexual fire.

And learning about Tantra while you are single sets you up for creating fundamentally different sexual and relationship experiences in the future. 

The more you learn to connect to your own body, sensuality, sexuality, desires and your energy the more profound you can share yourself and engage with another person.

And if you are looking for a relationship that is different from those you created before you gotta start to create a new reality on the inside first. Otherwise you will most likely end up recreating the same kind of experience over and over again.

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Hi, I am Lucya…

Tantra Teacher and Sacred Sexuality Coach

… and I am here to revolutionize the way you look at sexuality, spirituality, your relationship and your life in general.

I invite you to come with me on a journey to create a deeply pleasure-filled, sexually awakened and soul aligned life – within yourself and within your relationship!

Welcome to my world!

I started my Tantric Journey 7 years ago and I am excited to share with you what I have learned on the way – both through my professional education and through living my own Tantric life as a single and in relationships.


Looking for some tangible and clear insights on how to create a more meaningful relationship and sex life?

No matter if you are a freshly baked couple or a seasoned team – Tantra holds the key to significantly increase your level of joy, love and connection in the bedroom and beyond.


The world is deeply in need for empowered, strong, sensual and sexually awakened women who dare to live and speak their truth unabashedly.

If you desire some inspiration around how to bring out your inner Goddess with power and pleasure – this section is for you!


Conscious, integrated masculinity is a priceless gift for this world. Our societies, communities and future generations are deeply in need for more conscious masculine role models.

Let me share a few things with you that I have found to be tremendously helpful for my male clients on their journey to become a conscious and integrated Tantric Warrior.



Tantra is so much more than just “this sex thing”. When we start transferring the Tantric teachings into our everyday life true magic happens!

Life is the greatest teacher you can find. Let me share a little about the lessons my life has taught me about mindful, ecstatic and empowered living – in good and in bad days.

Cool – I am curious!